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We solve problems with code.

E-Commerce & Web

We design, code and host our customers websites. We build online profiles and increase our clients performance.

Backend Development

We create customized web based systems using the lastest technologies. Pss! These projects are our favorites.

Web Security

We help our clients to avoid any kind of web security risks. We analyze, optimize and protect websystems.


This is our history.

  • 2007

    Sweet first steps!

    Four code lovers started to think it was a good idea to work together. It worked out! First clients started to knock our door.

  • 2009

    Make it work for you

    We noted our clients didn't want to work, so we started to make computers work for them.

  • 2013

    Time to flight away

    We fell in love with cloud computing so we became a cloud team. Home office around the world was our goal!

  • 2017

    Open up and expand

    After 10 years coding we expaned our skills and started to offer cyber security and branding optimization.

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